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Vertical Agreements Slideshare

3 Horizontal agreements = agreements between undertakings at the same level of deliveryCommen agreements = agreements concluded between a supplier and a purchaser at another level of the production or distribution chain Both may be dealt with in accordance with Article 101/1 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union if they establish or are part of an agreement, a concerted practice or decision of an association of undertakings affecting trade between Member States which may prevent, restrict or distort competition in the internal market Classification: `in itself` (hardcore) – in itself illegal – price-fixing cartels, . „not by itself“ – not necessarily anti-competitive, its effect depends on particular circumstances, such as the nature of the agreement and the terms of the market You can both be at the origin. 101/3 TFEU (potential economic benefits) and block exemption regulations – The reporting person in the case had invoked anti-competitive practices on the part of counterparties (OPs) wherein the original car spare parts produced by some of the OPs were not freely available on the open market and that most equipment manufacturers (original equipment manufacturers) and authorised dealers had clauses in their agreements, which required authorized dealers to spare parts only by OEMs and their authorized suppliers. 2 References Faull & Nikpay: Community competition law. 2nd Ed. Oxford University Press, 2007 Bellamy, C., Child, G. European Community Law of Competition. 6. He rises. London: Sweet & Maxwell, 2008. . .