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Tsawwassen Land Claim Agreement

„Government of the First Nation in British Columbia“ means the government of a First Nation in British Columbia that is in force with Canada and British Columbia under a land rights treaty or agreement; B. Tsawwassen First Nation claims Indigenous rights based on their assertion of a unique, current and historical cultural connection and use with the countries, waters and resources around these areas of Roberts Bank, Fraser River, Fraser River Estuary, Pitt Lake, Pitt River, serpentine River, Nicomekl River, Boundary Bay and the Gulf Islands. covering the territory of Tsawwassen in Canada; c. the replacement country is exempt from any overlapping Aboriginal claims, unless the applicant consents; and d. the addition of replacement land to Tsawwassen Lands will not lead to any financial or other obligations for Canada or British Columbia. where an agreement has been concluded in accordance with clause 4. „heritage resources“ means archaeological sites, sites of traditional use, trees, paths and routes, burial or other burial sites, structural features and cultural landscapes; 51. Tsawwassen First Nation is invited to participate in a First Nation Wildlife Harvest Advisory Council established by British Columbia for an area covering part of the Tsawwassen territory in the Lower Mainland. 11. British Columbia may authorize the use or surrender of provincial crown lands and any authorized use or disposition: 68. This Agreement is the entire agreement between the Parties with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement and, except in this Agreement, there is no insurance, guarantee, ancillary agreement, condition, right or commitment that affects such Agreement. The treaty gives us the right to harvest wildlife, migratory birds and food plants for social and ceremonial purposes on our traditional territory, including national and provincial parks. In addition, we own all the underground resources like gravel, sand, minerals and oil under the soil of TFN.

`road allowance` means the country used for a road or motorway, as measured, including the part travelled, shoulders and adjacent trenches, if any; 12. . . .