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Strasbourg Agreement

The audit is carried out by one or more special Union countries or by external auditors, in accordance with financial regulations. They are appointed by the Assembly with their approval. The siege agreement with the country in which the organization has its statutory headquarters provides that, if working capital is not sufficient, that country grants advances. The amount of these advances and the conditions under which they are granted are the subject of separate agreements between that country and the organization. In the absence of a quorum, the Assembly can make decisions, but with the exception of decisions on its own procedure, all of these decisions come into force only if the following conditions are met. The International Office communicates the above decisions to unrepresented members of the Assembly and invites them to express their vote or abstention in writing within three months of the date of the communication. If, at the end of this period, the number of countries that voted or abstained reaches the number of countries missing to obtain the quorum at the meeting itself, these decisions come into force, provided that the required majority is reached. The agenda for each session is set by the Director General. To review and approve the Director-General`s reports and activities on the Special Union and to give him all necessary instructions on matters within the competence of the Special Union; Any country that does not consider any immediate or delayed novelty and in which the patenting procedure or other forms of protection does not provide for research in the state of the art may declare that it does not undertake to include symbols for classification groups and subgroups in the documents and opinions covered in paragraph 3. If these conditions apply only to certain types of protection or certain technological sectors, the country concerned can only assert this reservation to the extent that the conditions apply.