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Service Level Agreement Availability 99

Azure Virtual WAN is a network service that provides an optimized and automated connection between branch offices through Azure. Virtual WAN enables customers to connect branch offices with each other and with Azure and centralize their network and security requirements with virtual appliances such as firewalls and azure network and security services. Microsoft provides service credits if service availability is lower Once balances are increased, after Oracle has authorized a customer`s right to obtain service credits, customer is free to use service credits for all Oracle Cloud services related to Universal Credit or customer`s pay-as-you-go account. The managed Azure SQL instance has an availability guarantee of at least 99.99%. This applies both to the critical level of business and to the general levels. We guarantee the availability of at least 99.9% of Azure Active Directory Basic and Premium services. Services are considered available in the following scenarios: all these calculations assume that we know what downtime is. Downtime is generally considered to be whenever a system or service fails to function. Companies do everything to maximize uptime. But what the customer sees and what the IT service provider sees can be two different things. Emergency maintenance may be required if conditions require immediate intervention. In such a situation, the customer is informed as soon as possible by e-mail to the registered e-mail address and via the provider`s Twitter channel. Unavailability during emergency maintenance is included in the availability calculation.

Availability guarantees for the web application firewall are included in the SLA of the selected Application Gateway or Azure Front Door deployment option. For more information, see Gateway-SLA application and Azure Front Door-SLA. A service level agreement („SLA“) formalizes an organization`s goals and availability requirements. Oracle provides service credits for the underlying compute resources used by customers who enforce the rights. Imagine a service provider that offers 99% uptime in its SLA. Sounds good, doesn`t it? Think again. A service level of 99% uptime can omit your service for many hours at the same time – all within the limits of the contract. If availability is influenced by factors other than those used in our calculation of the monthly availability percentage, we may, at our discretion, issue a service credit taking those factors into account. The SLA does not apply to: (a) functions designated as available pre-internally (unless otherwise stated in the relevant documentation), b) functions excluded from the SLA (in the corresponding documentation) or (c) errors: (i) due to factors that are not subject to proper control by Google; (ii) resulting from Customer`s software or hardware, third-party software or hardware, or both; (iii) resulting from abuse or other conduct contrary to the Agreement; or (iv) resulting from quotas applied by the system and/or listed in the Admin Console. . . .