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Saanich Police Association Collective Agreement

The current three-year contract expires on 31 December and neither party has yet indicated in writing that collective bargaining can begin. Saanich police officers, who are attacking a homeless camp near Carey Road here, will see their collective agreement expire at the end of the year. (Black Press file photo) The Saanich Police Board and the Saanich Police Association are convinced that this agreement constitutes fair regulation within the framework of the municipal police labour market. News of the deal angered the public and sparked questions about the content and style of the announcement, which sparked a public feud between then-Mayor Richard Atwell, in his capacity as chairman of the police committee, and the rest of the council. The new agreement is a three-year contract, retroactive to 1 January 2016. It includes salary increases of 3.5% compared to January 1, 2016, 2.5 percent on January 1, 2017 and 2.5 percent on January 1, 2018. According to salaries published online, Saanich police salaries range from 64,516 to 105,990 $US on 1 January 2015. „One of the most significant impacts on the average [officer] is mainly focused on health, including the ability to use psychological services,“ he said. „The association wanted to make sure our members had the opportunity to seek help with some of the terrible things they encounter at work.

The [federation] brought that [direction] and [direction] gave its agreement. I hope there will be long-term health benefits for our members and a reduction in costs related to workplace stress injuries such as PTSD. „The Saanich Police Association (SPA) has been an active participant in the Community since its inception in 1956. The SPA is proud to offer professional representation in collective bargaining, discipline, complaints and relations with the Community. . . .