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Ovh Service Level Agreement

This network virtualization service works with NSX. It incorporates a firewall, a load swinger and safety rules via vSphere. DepC was originally developed for the WebHosting team. With 5 million sites spread over more than 14,000 servers, the infrastructure needed to run websites (see this article) and constant changes have complicated the calculation of real-time service quality for each of our customers. In addition, to identify a problem in the past, we also needed to know how to rebuild the QoS to reflect the state of the infrastructure at that time. Our first mission at OVH as a cloud service provider is to offer high quality products (QoS). Whether it`s dedicated servers, cloud servers or hosted websites, our customers expect our solutions to be of very high quality. And that`s exactly what our teams want to offer you every day! OpenStack is a free, open-source software platform that is most often used as infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). OVH is an OpenStack infrastructure distributor and in addition to its API and management interface, OVH also offers standard OpenStack APIs and Horizon management interface.

You can alternate between cloud providers, automate your cloud infrastructure, or manage images of servers and data media at any time. With our VMware know-how, we can add features directly to vSphere. In addition to adding and deleting resources via the interface, you can also perform failure simulations with the Resilience Testing Service. This way, you can test your redundancy and restart mechanisms. Our goal was to show the development of QoS day after day for all customers and to identify the causes of a deterioration in the quality of service. „OVHcloud has proven to be the most reliable and available cloud service provider on the market. We immediately trusted them to migrate all our services to their hosted private cloud infrastructure. OVHcloud will do its best to communicate shutdown events before scheduled, recurring or no impact maintenance windows, as described above, but this will not always be possible. Without limitation of the above, service interruptions due to emergency maintenance are downtime exclusions corresponding to the planned maintenance windows, provided that (1) OVHcloud informs you of these emergency interviews as soon as possible and (2) the downtime due to emergency maintenance does not exceed four (4) hours per month. QoS is expressed as a percentage, starting at 100% when the service is perfectly reached, then gradually decreases in the event of a breakdown. This percentage is assigned to a period: month, day, time, etc. A service can therefore have a QoS of 99.995% on this day, up from 100% the day before. „As an e-commerce company, it was important for us to be able to upgrade our services to meet the needs and increasing performance requirements.

With OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud, we can do it easily… Now we spend much less time managing our infrastructure. A monitored node can be, for example. B, a server, a service or a network device.