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Norwood Payneham St Peters Enterprise Agreement

This allowed for a simple check-in and check-out for all visitors and contractors, while chartering printed badges that contain the photo ID card of all visitors. As a secure government site, the ability to easily identify all visitors is essential. Remote view, which is on site at any given time and takes into account contractors and mobile visitors during the evacuation. „Sine was great at removing the paper registration option we had previously used. It provides a better customer experience, is quicker to alert employees when a visitor arrives, eliminates the old paper registration method and helps the Council meet WHS induction requirements for visitors. Several types of visitors, from residents to government partners. Another way to use NPSP messaging is to notify staff immediately when a visitor arrives on site. No more unnecessary waiting for visitors! With hundreds of people visiting the office every day, City of Norwood Payneham – St Peters Council (NPSP) is always full of foreigners. SMS notifications are provided on arrival so you don`t wait. NPSP had growing expectations and needs to update their systems.

The need to stay abreast of technology is a priority that they must reconcile with a full-age spectrum community. Finally, check-ins with the all-in-one visitor kiosk and the SinePoint Pro iPads are fluid, regardless of who leaves and whatever the requirements. Check-in and check-out can be done via the office to ensure smooth access and departure. With Sines Dashboard, NPSP solved all the problems they had had in pursuing those on and off the site, especially in an emergency. When they edit the oversized paper registration book, they can simply sign up for the Sine dashboard in case of emergency and can view, manage and send us all visitors and contractors. NPSP had registration problems on 2 sites; main reception area at City Hall and its service depot. To remedy this, Sine installed a visitor kiosk all in one in the reception of the town hall and an iPad SinePoint Pro in the service depot. „Sine is a key system that presents the Council as an advanced and modern workplace.“ Prior to the introduction of the NPSP, each person had to complete a registration form.

While filling the sheet was easy, NPSP believed that the visitors who filled it did not understand their obligations to be there. In addition, on-site evacuations and drilling required employees to use the oversized registration register to ensure that everyone was evacuated and taken into account. Not only has it often been forgotten, but it was time to pass each name by one. Sometimes people would leave the site without being taken into account and without unsubscribing. A local government agency with more than 175 employees, including government officials. Sine has enabled NPSP to fully optimize the entire registration process.