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Leave And License Agreement Resolution

The main features of a licence are that a licence is not related to ownership of land or property, but only creates a personal right or personal obligation; A licence cannot be transferred or granted; The licence is a purely permissive, explicit or implied right, not by unfavorable exercise or otherwise; It merely legalizes a particular act which would otherwise be illegal, and gives no interest to the property itself on which such an act is permitted. A licence is a personal right granted to a person to do something on the land of the licensee, that is, the licensee, and does not create an interest in the property itself. It is simply a permissible right to use and occupy the land and is personally reserved for the scholarship holder, i.e. the licensee. It does not create obligations and obligations to the persons who grant the grant and is therefore revocable, except in certain circumstances expressly provided for. Early termination of the lease or reciprocal termination of the contract: RESOLVED FURTHER THAT Mr/Ms. [name and appointment of the authorized person] of the company, are and are entitled to do any other act, things and acts that are necessary or deemed necessary to carry out the above decision. In the case of Natraj Studios (P) Limited Vs. Navrang Studios, a lessor had filed an eviction action with the Little Cause Court, Bombay, and the tenant had filed an application under Section 8 of the A-C Act on the basis of the compromise clause of the L-L agreement between the parties. The Hon`ble Supreme Court rejected the tenant`s aforementioned application and found that the landlord`s application for eviction could be upheld.

It was also found that such disputes could not be referred to the arbitrator. The relationship between the parties is that of the licensee and the licensee and the dispute between them with respect to the possession of the premises granted, which is why the Small Cases Court is the sole jurisdiction and the arbitrator does not have to judge the dispute between the parties.