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International Cooperation Agreement Sample

For projects under DKK 10 million, see this development liaison document (June 2015). It contains standard texts on financial management, monitoring and evaluation, as well as anti-corruption, etc., and has been designed to help missions/departments ensure that these elements are clearly described in partnership agreements. There are four types of agreements: – country-by-country agreements – general agreements with multilateral organizations, international organizations or NGOs – programme assistance agreements – agreements with partners implementing development cooperation agreements explain how Danish embassies and departments enter into agreements with partners. The whole of development cooperation, which involves commitments from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, must be defined in a written document outlining the rights and obligations of the parties. The implementation of development commitments within a programme (by country) is ensured by the implementation of partnership agreements to which the development commitment document is attached. Use the model (revised in June 2015) for bilateral agreements with the implementation partner with the Development Commitment Document (revised in April 2015) as an appendix. A country-by-country agreement is required when Danish cooperation includes contracts and services (for example. B, short-term advisors and long-term advisors). Denmark has agreements in most partner countries. The national agreement model is available in English, French and Spanish.

A general agreement with an international organization or NGO is required before it can be paid to an international or multilateral organization. The general agreement defines basic performance obligations, for example. B the extent of cooperation, an agreement on the amount of overheads and financial reporting procedures. There is no model for this type of agreement An agreement to support the program includes a sectoral support program. It is a framework agreement for the underlying agreements with the implementation partners participating in the program. The programme assistance agreement ensures that the government of partner countries has partnered with Denmark-funded activities and the participation of implementation partners. The submission of an agreement to support the program is available here (revised in April 2015). The guidelines for development cooperation agreements are available at Tools and Templates (`Accords) here