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Indemnification Clause In Settlement Agreement

B. With the exception of the „a“ exemptions, all amendments or amendments to the protocol must have been approved by the proponent in writing; 6. Compensation — For use in equipment transfer contracts, university transfer. [13.1: This paragraph adds obligations to notify and defend claims and cooperate. It can be added to any compensation at the request of the promoter or at the discretion of the component.] [This is default compensation, in which the university compensates the sponsor for its negligence; The sponsor compensates the university with regard to the performance of the University of Protocol and the use of the results of the study by the sponsor. It should be offered as our first position in compensation if unilateral compensation from the sponsor to the institution has already been refused by the sponsor.] 13.5 This compensation applies to all insured damages or liabilities that occur after the date of this Agreement and applies even after the contract has expired or terminated until the statute of limitations for personal injury in the State of Texas has expired. c. that, to the extent that the promoter is required, as part of this agreement, to compensate claims or lawsuits, to the extent that the law permits, and subject to the legal obligations of the Attorney General of Texas, the promoter has the right to direct the defenders and the defence or settlement of such a claim or action. 7. Compensation — For use in material transfer agreements – University reception.

Information on compensation and other issues in this context can be found in our hardware transfer agreement checklist. 5. Compensation – A standard compensation, except that the promoter limits liability to charges of bodily harm or death and imposes several conditions on his obligation to compensate: (1) the proper performance of the study, (2) notification and (3) the right to control of the defence. The allowance also gives the university the right to choose its own board. 10. Compensation – This is a detailed and highly negotiated compensation that contains conditions that should only be accepted if the promoter insists on it. These conditions should be seen as examples of what is acceptable; However, everything in its power must be done to limit the number of conditions imposed. 11.

Compensation — Two sampling clauses: 1) for use in „off-label“ (use of drugs not authorized by the FDA) through clinical study agreements; 2) for use in on-label clinical trial agreements (FDA-authorized use of drugs).