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Eu Delegation Agreements

103 In addition, other agreements stipulate that a conventional body can create other committees and define their tasks (see Article 15.1.4 EU-Korea Free Trade Agreement, 2011 Olympic Games L 127, 6); Article 31.3 EU-Norway Agreement, JO L 310 of 23.12.1993 1973 L 171, 2; Article 43 EU Interim Agreement with Bosnia and Herzegovina , JO L 347 of 29.11.2006 2008 L 169, 13; Article 49 EU-Mexico Free Trade Agreement, JO L 347 of 29.11.1999 2000 L 276, 45. 35 Appeal, supra 21, 324 and next; Observations by A.G. Szpunar, supra n. 22, para. 58, 162. The international delegation does not require that powers be transferred to a body independent of the parties, cf. Lavranos, at p. 34, p. 79 and beyond; Bradley and Kelly, supra n. 3, p. 6 and 40 Hellenic Republic/Commission of the European Communities, supra n.

34, para. 13; Court of Justice of 20 September 1990, case C-192/89, Sevince/Staatssecretaris van Justitie ECLI:EU:C:C:1990:322, point 1.2.29. 9. In the case of an EU free trade agreement, they enjoy the same legal status as the agreements. See R.A. Wessel and S. Blockmans, The Legal Status and Influence of Decisions of International Organizations and other Bodies in the EU, Brugge Research Paper 1/2014, p. 20. The ECJ refers to Article 216, paragraph 2, only with regard to the agreements themselves, see the ECJ of 16 July 2015, Case C-612/13 P, ClientEarth/EcLI Commission:EU:C:2015:486, Randn. 33. 3 Bradley, C. and Kelly, J., `The concept of international delegation`, 71 (1) Law and Contemporary Problems (2008) p.

1 Google Scholar. 79 For non-delegations in other legal systems, see Schonze, R., legislative „delegates“ in the (new) European Union: a constitutional analysis,“ 74(5) MLR (2011) p. 661 CrossRefGoogle Scholar in p. 663 and following; for Germany, see art. 80 Grundgesetz. The EU and Global Emergencies (Hart 2011) p. 49 Google Scholar at p. 50, „Constitutional Limits to Delegated Powers,“ in A. Antoniadis et al. (Eds.), The EU and Global Emergencies (Hart 2011) p.

49 Google Scholar at p. 50, was the first to use the term „delegation doctrine“ in EU constitutional law, but to focus on the domestic side, particularly EU agencies. 106 At present, Article 108, paragraph 4, of the January 2017 Ep Internal Regulations and paragraph 23 of the Framework Agreement provides only for MOU recommendations that must be taken into account when negotiating and concluding agreements. Section 109, paragraph 2, simply provides that the EP can make recommendations that may contain requests to the Commission. 15 Art. 11.3 CETA on mutual recognition of professional qualifications. These agreements are the subject of a special procedure of art.