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Dod Grant And Agreement Regulations Part 32

A. in paragraph (a), the „low D“ is removed and the „low F“ is added in its place; and sub-part E-INFORMATION REPORTING ON AWARDS SUBJECT TO 31 U.S.C. CHAPTER 61 i. Removing „university cost principles in circular OMB A-21“ and adding „cost principles in Part E of Part 2 CFR 200“ Vice President of the OSD Federal Register Liaison Officer, Department of Defense. (a) the requirement for class deviations by DoDGAR (see point 21.335 B) and 21,340 (a)) or derogations from the provisions of 31 states.C 6301 to 6308 that govern the appropriate use of contracts, grants and cooperation agreements (cf. 32 CFR 22.220). (a) The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) (48 parts CFR 1-53). E. in paragraph b) paragraph 2, „appendix C of circular OMB A-122“ is deleted and replaced with „Annex VIII at 2 CFR, Part 200“; and D- AUTHORITIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES FOR MAKING AND AD MINISTERING ASSISTANCE AWARDS Subpart B-DEFENSE GRANT AND AGREEMENT REGULATORY SYSTEM 51.

In Section 34.41, amend the introductory text by removing „32 CFR 32.51 and 32.52“ and adding „sub-parts A and B of 2 CFR, 1134“ in its place. Unless DoDGARs indicate that they are an application, the policies and procedures contained in the following procurement rules, which apply to public procurement, do not apply to subsidies, cooperation agreements, technology investment agreements or other support or non-purchase bonuses: these markings allow the user to see how the document follows the document-making manual used by agencies to prepare their documents. These may be useful in understanding how a document is structured, but are not part of the published document itself. b) Authorization officers and authorization officers must keep copies of individual and class deviation applications and authorizations in the award files. The list of topics contains a list of index terms (subject list) for each CFR part number in the document title. The terms provide a common vocabulary for indexing rule-making documents from all agencies and form the basis of the „CFR index“ established by the OFR. (a) The types of instruments submitted to DoDRG vary from one part of the DoDGAR to the other. The instruments include grants, cooperation agreements and technology investment agreements. Parts of DoDGARs apply to other types of support or non-purchase instruments. The term „rewards,“ as defined in sub-part F of that part, is used in this part to refer collectively to all types of instruments submitted to one or more parts of the DoDGAR.

(d) A permanent working group recommends a review of the DoDGAs with regard to the ASD (ER). The ASD, the Director of Defence Equipment Procurement and each military department must be represented in the working group.