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Customers Agreement Definition

This contract is the complete and exclusive agreement between the Client and XPR regarding its purpose and replaces and replaces any agreement, communication or communication written or oral, prior or simultaneous on this subject. 5.1 Use and access. Subject to the terms of this agreement, XPR grants the customer, for the duration of this contract, a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub-conceded licence (except to the extent that the rights covered in Section 5.1 (ii) must be exercised), revoked in services solely for: (i) use and access to services for internal purposes; and (ii) to use the services to create, offer and provide customer-created services for customer access and use by customers and end-users („customer offering“). The customer can access the services via the online control panel or via a programmatic interface or online management panels that XPR makes available to the customer. XPR can change services, control panel or programmed interfaces at any time, or change new programmatic interfaces. This Agreement replaces all license conditions contained in the „COPYING“ or „LICENSE“ file or as the label in programmatic interfaces, unless that code is subject to an open source license. Both customers and employees should be able to easily understand a well-written customer service contract. Avoid using jargon and complex legal formulations that mask the importance of the contract to the average person. If technical, industry-specific or acronym terms are unavoidable, you should add a glossary to your after-sales service contract. Definitions. As used in this agreement, the following terms are defined in this section. A.

„Confidential Information“ refers to any transmission and information that has been disclosed to you by Patriot Software or purchased by patriot Software during the implementation of this Agreement, including, but not limited to, the contract, the patriotic and customer software, service and know-how, business plans, processes, processes, source code, techniques , customer information, inventions, discoveries, formulas, mailing lists and devices, unless this information is known to the public. „Public Knowledge“ does not contain information known only to patriotic customers. 5.2 The resale of services. The customer cannot resell the services to the customer`s customers and end-users unless this is provided for in Section 14 of this agreement. 9.5 Resignation for injury. XPR may terminate this contract if: (i) XPR finds that the information provided by the customer to XPR on the customer`s use of the services provided by the customer was much imprecise or incomplete; (ii) if the client is a natural entity and was not at least 18 years of age or did not have the legal capacity to enter into that contract at the time of the submission of the client`s service order, or if the client is an entity or fiduciary, the person who submitted the contract for services to the client or end-user did not have the right or authority to enter into this agreement on behalf of the person represented in As a customer (iii) the payment of an invoice amount by the customer is in arre between and the customer does not pay the undisputed outstanding amount within thirty (30) days of the written notification of XPR; (iv) the customer uses the services in violation of this agreement and fails to repair the violation within thirty (30) days of XPR`s written notification; (v) the customer uses the services in violation of this agreement and, in accordance with XPR`s reasonable commercial judgment, is required to protect XPR, its other customers or third parties from the risks of exploitation, security or other risks; (vi) the client`s account was suspended for thirty (30) days or more; or (vii) the customer does not comply with any other provision of this Agreement and does not correct the failure within 30 days of XPR`s notification to the Customer describing the bug.