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Canada Bc Immigration Agreement 2015

5.1.5 Contracting parties review the development and implementation of national recognition measures for immigration representatives and/or advisors. Canada recognizes British Columbia`s right to develop and implement its own measures consistent with provincial and federal legislation. 1.2 While Section 95 of the Constitution Act, 1867 (30-31 Victoria, approximately 3 (United Kingdom)) recognizes the legislative powers of federal and provincial immigration authorities. 5.1.4 British Columbia will participate in multilateral consultation processes related to the development or promotion of national immigration initiatives. 1.7 And considering that point 8, paragraph 1, of the IRPA and paragraph 5, paragraph 1, of the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Act, S.C. 1994, approximately 31 (the „DCIA“), authorize the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, with the agreement of the Governor of the Council, to enter into agreements with the provinces for the purposes of the IRPA and to facilitate the formulation, coordination and implementation – including the collection, use and disclosure of information – of policies and programs under the Minister`s jurisdiction. 6.1.7 All B.C. agreements with other parties that lead to proposed policy changes that would have a significant impact on this agreement require further prior consultation with the CIC prior to its implementation. 10.4.6 The parties agree to promote immigration research, consult research priorities and research activities annually, and, where appropriate, cooperate on joint research initiatives. 10.4.4 There is nothing in this agreement intended to restrict the ability of contracting parties to enter into other information-sharing agreements or arrangements that do not take place under this agreement. 8.3 Contracting parties agree to negotiate a settlement or succession agreement that will enter into force when the transition agreement expires. After approval, nominees must sign a deposit contract and make a down payment of $100,000, repayable at the time the contract is executed.

The named applicants then apply for a permanent residence visa through the Canadian government and, if authorized, emigrate to Manitoba. Investors have two years after arriving in Manitoba to make the investments of the companies described in their application and filing agreement. If, under this program, immigrants do not meet the commercial requirements of the visa, the Manitoba government reserves the right to keep its first down payment. The Manitoba Provincial Nominal Program (NPMMP) allows the Province of Manitoba to appoint qualified economic investors who are admitted to Canada as permanent residents.