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Agreement On International Goods Transport By Rail (Smgs)

The SMPS and SMGS conventions govern international passenger and freight transport and apply in Eastern Europe and Asia. Most OF the OSJD Member States (some of which are also OTIF members) apply both conventions. The following tables show which ones apply: The login must not be less than 3 characters, may contain Latin or Russian letters (except q), numbers, special symbols „.,“ „z,“ „““““““““““s““s! „,“““““““““““““ “ not “ , „%.“ The request should not start with the symbols „.“, which have 2 symbols „-“ in a row or only 16 digits. If you have forgotten your password but remember the login, enter the login and email address indicated at the time of check-in. You have successfully registered valid link within 24 hours, I give my consent to the Russian railway for the processing of personal data that I have transmitted. I agree with the receipt of advertising and information emails from the Federal Passenger Company. . With regard to the retention of registration data, I agree with the following points: . If the data entered is correct, you will receive an email containing other instructions. .

An email was sent to your email address with a link to the Russian Railway Activation Profile for the Russian version of the two conventions, see the following link: